Neptune Bearing Tool Rental FAQ

1. Why is the Tony Tool Rental deposit so much?
1A: I have to request the large deposit since the Tony Tool costs $425 to purchase otherwise I may not get the tool kits back.

2. Does the Tony Tool Rental kit include the bearings and 12002022 seal kit?
2A: Yes, the bearings and 12002022 seal kit are included as well as a Neptune bearing spacer in case yours is cracked.

3. Will the Tony Tool work on my 2000 Stacker model?
3A: Yes, although the DVD will show the standalone Neptune disassembly process... I include a link so you can download the Stacker service manual and it will show you how to disassemble the Stacker. Once inside, they are the same parts where the bearings are concerned.

4. How long will it take to replace the bearings?
4A: I’ve personally used the Tony Tool and the first bearing job was on a MAH4000 and it took me about 3.5 hours but I was video taping the process. The 2nd bearing replacement was on an MAH5500BWW and it took me 1.5 hours from start to testing machine. One variable is the front bearing and how much rust is in there and that is why it is best to catch the bearing failure as early as possible.

5. Should I replace my door latch wax motor and belt?
5A: If you have a timer knob (non digital) Neptune and it has the original wax motor with brownish color actuator tip I would highly recommend you replace it before it fails. See Neptune Help Song.  If you order it and find out you already have the newer black tipped wax motor then just send it back for a refund with the tool. Same with the belt. If you order it and find out your belt is still useable just send it back unopened for a refund.

6. Can I use the revised lip seal if my machine had the earlier lip seal installed?
6A: Not directly. The spinner support shafts are machined differently. If you really want the newer revised lip seal then you would have to order the new spinner support which includes the new revised lip seal then you can send back the 12002022 seal kit for a $40 refund to help offset the new spinner support purchase.

7. I don’t have a PayPal account?

7A: The good news is that PayPal accepts all major credit cards and you don’t need a PayPal account. In addition, the refund will go back to the credit card you used to pay for the tool kit rental.

8. Do I need the tool kit rental to replace my Neptune bearings?

7A: No. If you’re handy with tools you can replace your bearings without the tool but it can make the process easier. If you buy the Neptune bearing and 12002022 seal kit first and decide you want the tool kit then just order the tool kit rental. Send the extra Neptune bearing and 12002022 seal kit back with the tool kit for a $79 refund in addition to the tool kit rental refund. Click here to order the Neptune bearing and 12002022 seal kit.

9. How long is the wait for the tool kit rental?

7A: The wait varies due to demand. I will provide you with a link so you can see where you are in the tool kit rental queue.  I’ve received as many as 7 tool kits back in one day on a number of occasions. Order the Neptune bearing tool kit rental by clicking on the link below and reading the tool rental agreement.